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Why Gregor Robertson wants to make Vancouver the greenest city on the planet.

Vancouver 2020: A Bright Green Future

The Action Plan by Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Team was introduced, by Mayor Gregor Robertson, at the Resilient Cities Gaining Ground conference in Vancouver on October 20, 2009.

GREEN CAPITAL: Positioning Vancouver in the Global Economy

Friend of Renewal and Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson will be addressing the Vancouver Board of Trade on September 30th. The Mayor will be outlining the city's plans to capitalize on the economic opportunities presented by the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Emerging Sectors

It's anybody's guess what our collective economic future will be. All bets are off as unimaginable tectonic shifts destabilize the very foundations of the market economy.

What was already a highly conceptual realm of blind faith for many, may scar current generations of citizens as our grandparents carried the memory of The Great Depression of the 30's. Will wealth placement return to a buried tin can in the back yard? Or currency and gold coins stashed under the mattress?

Happy Vancouver!

Gregor Robertson is Mayor elect of Vancouver. A strong team from Vision Vancouver, COPE, and Green Party won office alongside him. The wise agreement of those parties to run in unity was notable. We've all seen the often damaging results of three or more parties running against each other.

Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver

Check out Vision Vancouver Mayor Candidate Gregor Robertson, Found of Happy Planet Foods, in the Courier's photo blog

Summer Reflections

The following is an excerpt from a letter to Joel Solomon. Daniel Harris is a student who spent this past summer in Vancouver, visiting from Nashville, volunteering his time on a number of different initiatives including Gregor Robertson's mayoral nomination campaign.

Gregor Wins Vision Vancouver Nomination for Mayor

Sunday, June 15th was an exciting day for me. My friend Gregor Robertson won a resounding victory over two strong candidates, turning out an astounding 3,600 members to vote in the party nomination meeting. Vision Vancouver candidates have signed up enough new folks to become the largest municipal party in Canada.

Gregor Robertson for Mayor!

I grew up around politics. Both of my parents were highly involved citizens in Chattanooga, Tennessee, during my childhood. They were liberal civil rights Democrats in the Bible Belt of the South. As a child in the 60's then a young man in the 70's, I worked in many campaigns. Al Gore Sr, then Al Gore Jr. Successful Mayors, Senators, and on the road for Jimmy Carter when he won the nomination and then was elected President.

Happy Planet

Canada's premium juice and smoothie pioneer.

Gregor’s Story

The kitchen was a hub of activity and inspiration. Fruits and veggies covered counters and whizzed in blenders as organic farmer Gregor Robertson tried yet another juice recipe. Recruited friends and family stood close at hand, gladly tasting blackberry smoothies and other liquid treats until their full bellies could take no more.

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