Entrepreneurship@UBC Workshops this fall

Entrepreneurship@UBC will be offering several interesting workshops this fall. Please read on for information.

UBC Dialogues: Advocate or Activist: What is the best way to effect change?

March 11 – 12, 2010
Norman Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Is there a time and place for righteous indignation? Or is it more effective to engage in dialogue with those we oppose?

Lunch Lecture with Gabor Mate

November 19, 2009
UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, BC
Healing the Hungry Ghost: Addiction, Suffering and Possibility in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside with Gabor Mate, M.D

Give me Shelter - Bringing Homeless Voices Out Front with David Eby

September 17, 2008
UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, BC

Pivot Legal Society provides legal advice and series to people who are facing poverty and other struggles. Along with other close allies in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Pivot has been at the front of the struggle to protect low-income housing in the neighbourhood, and used innovative outreach tools to spread the word about the value of the community in one of the most misunderstood places in Vancouver.

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