Tides Canada is now MakeWay.

MakeWay serves individuals, families and institutions with services and expertise to assist giving away money to great charities.

Since 2000, MakeWay’s involvement has helped advance work in social justice, climate change, the economy and environment, habitat protection, domestic violence prevention, reforms of the charitable sector, and social finance.

Endswell Foundation was the founding and lead funder for Tides Canada, as well as a collaborator and advocate. Shortly after Tides opened its doors, Endswell’s grants administration was shifted into their capable hands, capturing the administrative cost savings provided by this public foundation. MakeWay will represent an important part of our long-term philanthropic legacy.

MakeWay and MakeWay Initiatives (previously known as Sage Centre) are important Canadian institutions. They provide national leadership for philanthropic support on pressing issues of the day, mentoring and supporting Canadians in placing their charitable funds effectively.