Renewal Partners is an independent investment company operating under the Renewal group of organizations.

Believing that business must contribute to the common good, Renewal Partners offered a new model of investment that applied the powerful tools of business exclusively to long-term community solutions. We aligned financial, social, and environmental goals with effective asset management for maximum community benefit.

Since 1994, Renewal Partners has cultivated early pioneers in the social investment field who focus on the important emerging new products and services needed for sustainability, such as organic food production and distribution, responsible investing, independent media, and greener consumer products. Our investments contribute to the necessary shift toward the triple bottom line economy.

We aim for long-term investments to help grow young entrepreneurial companies. Read on for a sampling of some of the ventures we have funded.

Organic Foods and Distribution

Independent Media and Innovative Technology

Responsible Investing

Green Products

Renewal Partners is fully invested at this time.