Climate Smart Workgroup

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Date & Time March 16, 2010, 3:00pm – 8:00pm
Location Flack Block
163 West Hastings Street
Hollyhock Room 304
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H5
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Contact Christine VanDerwill :: :: 604-254-6283 ex 238

Climate Smart invites you to join a cohort of 10-15 leading-edge enterprises in our training program. Climate Smart is a comprehensive business-case-based training that takes businesses through the process of creating a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory and developing reduction strategies with a focus on cost savings, operational efficiency and brand lift. It is designed to train key staff and provide businesses with the tools to become more competitive in an era of carbon regulation and volatile energy prices.

Climate Smart’s next Vancouver-based training will kick off on Tuesday, March 16 at our Flack Block offices in Gastown. It is being co-hosted by ETHOS (BC Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Society). The attached pdf document and link below provide additional details:

Starting as a pilot with Ecotrust, Pembina and the David Suzuki Foundation, Climate Smart offers collaborative training sessions and online tools for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for calculating and reducing their GHG emissions.  Enterprises leave the program with a completed and reviewed GHG inventory (compiled according to internationally recognized standards), an emissions reductions strategy focused on cost savings, ongoing tech support from our "carbon hotline", and marketing and communications ideas regarding their GHG management successes. We've worked with over 170 businesses, and some large training partners like Metro Vancouver, Vancity, the City of Portland, Pacific Carbon Trust and the Climate Action Secretariat. 

Climate Smart has been recognized as the leading provider of carbon tracking tools, training and technical support to small and medium-sized enterprises and our online greenhouse gas management tool for SMEs was rated No. 1 in North America by Carbonzero. The attached news release outlines innovative reduction strategies from our growing network of companies that are cutting costs by cutting carbon and quick facts on Climate Smart’s impact to date.

Should you have any questions or like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Christine VanDerwill at 604.CLIMATE (254-6283) extension 238 or

Join a Climate Smart Workgroup
Join a group of enterprises for three four-hour training workshops. Each workshop is run by experts experienced in advising small and medium-sized enterprises on the best practices of managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Groups consist of 10 to 15 enterprises, with workshops scheduled over a ten-week period.
Map the sources of your greenhouse gas emissions
Collect your emissions data
Calculate your carbon footprint using our online tool
Identify your best carbon reduction opportunities
Set specific reduction targets
Estimate your cost savings
Learn about becoming "carbon neutral"
Evaluate the emerging voluntary carbon offset market
Communicate your commitment
Training, Tools and Technical Assistance
Our hands-on, results-oriented workshops train you to 1) calculate accurate greenhouse gas emissions inventories, 2) identify your best opportunities to reduce emissions and costs, and 3) evaluate carbon offsets and 4) communicate compellingly your environmental commitment.
Our online, user-friendly GHG management tool allows you to:
• Map your operations, enter your data and calculate GHG emissions
• Report emissions and costs
• Download data into Excel
• Track your emissions and reductions over time (coming soon!)
• Evaluate reduction strategies from both a cost and GHG perspective (coming soon!)

Climate Smart's technology partner is CRedit360, an internationally renowned software company that provides corporate social responsibility and sustainability data management solutions to large organizations. CRedit360's clients include Vancity, the Resort-Municipality of Whistler, London Olympics, and KPMG, among many others. Together with CRedit360 we have built a powerful online tool that is easy to use and employs the best practices in the field of GHG emissions inventorying and reporting.
Technical Assistance:
A team of experts will provide you with four hours of one-on-one assistance over the phone and via email. Our technical associates are leaders in GHG emissions measurement and reduction, and will provide personalized help as you measure and reduce your carbon footprint. Our experts adhere to and are trained in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.