DIVERSITY & EQUITY LEADERSHIP Summer Institute, July 6-9th, 2009

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Date & Time July 6, 2008, 12:00am – July 9, 2009, 6:00pm
Location Hockley Valley Resort
Orangeville, ON
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Contact Annahid Dashtgard :: annahid@animaleadership.com :: 416-462-9512 x1
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Integrating Anti-Racism with Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution
Summer Institute, July 6-9th, 2009
Hockley Valley Resort, Orangeville, Ontario
ÒStudies over the past decade have confirmed, our brains operate with a vast unconscious mind that even Freud never suspected.Ó
-D.G. Meyers, Scientific American Mind
Neuroscience research over the last decade reveals that our day-to-day behaviour is dictated Ð contrary to popular belief - by how we feel rather than what we think. Emotions, invisible and controlling, are rooted in the unconscious mind and frequently impact our actions without our awareness. Developing greater emotional intelligence Ð self-awareness, empathy and relationship-building - is widely-recognized as the most important personal competency for leaders to possess. The terrain of emotions raises important and profound question for issues of diversity in the workplace:
• What is the role of emotions in our interactions with people from backgrounds different than our own?
• How do we uncover our personal Òblind-spotsÓ that reside in our unconscious mind in order to create truly inclusive, welcoming environments?
• What is the role of unconscious bias and emotional triggers in how well we handle conflict that involves issues of difference (i.e. race, gender, class or sexual orientation)?
Anima Leadership and Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) continue their successful partnership to offer this ground-breaking summer institute with an optional Train-the-Trainers component. Offered across Canada over the last 2 years, this time we are at the picturesque and relaxing Hockley Valley Resort, one hour north-west of Toronto, Ontario.
The Diversity & Equity Leadership Institute is a highly interactive and experiential course grounded in adult pedagogy and layered with cutting-edge information from the fields of neuroscience, social psychology, and bias research. By combining anti-racism with emotional intelligence and conflict resolution, a deeply holistic approach has been developped that balances intellect with emotions, and internal factors with external forces.
Managers, supervisors, educators, facilitators and diversity representatives from the public, non¬profit and private sectors will be equipped with the emotional competency to both navigate through difference and lead effectively. Through processes tested in national and international settings, the Anima/CRRF program will both support and challenge your approach to diversity and inclusion. Limited space due to the experiential nature of the training.

July 6-8, 2009 plus July 9th for the Train-the-Trainers Hockley Valley Resort, Orangeville, Ontario www.hockley.com  $995.00 plus GST
(includes 3-days, 2-nights accommodations, meals and course materials)
$1295.00 plus GST
(includes 4-days, 3-nights accommodations, meals and course materials)
Register before May 27th, 2009 and receive a $75 discount.
Annahid Dashtgard, 416-462-9512 x1 annahid@animaleadership.com  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/324774409