Remixing the Web for Social Change

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Date & Time October 10, 2008, 4:28pm – 4:28pm
Location Workspace
Vancouver, BC
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Communicopia is pleased to be a cosponsor of the upcoming Net Tuesday event: Remixing the Web for Social Change!  Co-sponsored by Social Signal and WorkSpace the event is free and more information is available at Facebook link:

The Vancouver Net Tuesdays are participating in a world-wide Peer-to-Peer Social Change theme for the month of October.  Get ready to learn how the landscape of fundraising is changing on the social web and how you can stay ahead with case studies, new tools, and inspiring stories from 5 speakers.


  • Dawn Bowles, Founder of, will discuss the idea behind, how they developed it & future plans - plus a demo!
  • Kevan Gilbert, UGM: Learn how Vancouver non-profit Union Gospel Mission raised almost $500,000 online last year without even meaning to, and hear words like "ROI" and "Facebook" used in the same sentence.  Kevan Gilbert from UGM will be talking about UGM's 2008-2009 web strategy (complete with fancy charts and graphs), and about how non-profits can engage web communities without overstaying their welcome.
  • Will Trusty, Creator of, will share the story behind the Facebook Group "Save the Planet One App at a Time" and discuss 3-4 facebook apps that help you make a difference.
  • Lisa Thomas-Tench: The landscape of change in developing countries is shifting through the advent of social media. Communities in Africa in particular are turning away from traditional, top-down development models and are connecting and forging new revenue-generating partnerships through the web. This discussion explores social media models for development through the eyes of community change agents in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Swaziland.
  • Kori Brus, Online Campaigner for Vision Vancouver: Kori will talk about the new, open, and participative website for Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver - which was strategized by Communicopia and built by Agentic.