Sustainable Brands Conference 2009

Event Details

Date & Time May 31, 2009, 7:00pm – June 4, 2009, 7:00pm
Location Marriott Monterey and the Monterey Convention Center
Monterey, CA
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Contact :: (650) 344-9693
Website Sustainable Brands '09
The Sustainable Brands Conference is the preeminent event for discussing the rapid rise of sustainability as a driver for revenue growth and brand equity in the 21st Century. SB'09 amplifies business success surrounding innovation for sustainability, and educates business leaders throughout an organization about how they can help create a leading sustainable brand.

SB'09 will help you make sense of the emerging changes in economy and society that form the backdrop for successful design & brand efforts down the road, and build strategies and skills necessary to navigate today's rough seas in the meantime.

What You Will Learn at SB'09
  • How consumer behavior is changing in today’s economic downturn and what that means to your brand
  • What surprising new market sectors are responding more now to sustainable brands, what matters to them, and how to speak their language
  • Who’s leading the way on reducing their carbon footprint, how is it impacting their brand, how you should respond and what comes next
  • What metrics and measurements, labels or certifications you should put in place to lend you the credibility your brand seeks
  • How to leverage social media to build your brand more economically while strengthening your relationship with stakeholders
  • The science behind the evolutionary value of altruism and how this new information should inform the way you engage with your stakeholders
  • How to ignite inspiration in skeptical audiences
  • How to build a sustainable business strategy that successfully balances short, medium and long term initiatives
  • How to drive sustainable design thinking in to your business from the top down to improve the authenticity, productivity, and integrity of your brand
  • What’s emerging in the field of persuasive design and behavioral targeting and what you should know about these powerful, but potentially controversial technologies
  • How to do a Lifecycle Assessment on a budget
  •  Why you should learn to look at your waste in a new light
  • How to partner with NGOs to drive deeper, faster, more sustainable solutions that benefit you and your stakeholders
  • What's likely on the horizon for the economy, the environment, and society and how you can proactively respond by taking action rather than waiting to react
  • And a year’s worth of other thought provoking, tangible ideas for becoming a sustainable brand leader!
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