Social Venture Institute (SVI) Toronto – A Great Launch

The Social Venture Institute, Hollyhock and Renewal version, hosted a very cool SVI at Kingbridge Centre near Toronto last weekend.

Gregor Robertson for Mayor!

I grew up around politics. Both of my parents were highly involved citizens in Chattanooga, Tennessee, during my childhood. They were liberal civil rights Democrats in the Bible Belt of the South. As a child in the 60's then a young man in the 70's, I worked in many campaigns. Al Gore Sr, then Al Gore Jr. Successful Mayors, Senators, and on the road for Jimmy Carter when he won the nomination and then was elected President.

Carol Newell to be Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

We are happy to announce that Carol Newell will be presented a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association of Women in Finance at their 11th Annual PEAK Awards.

Ready, Set, Launch

You are now reading the April 2008 new web site for Renewal!

Launching one's own web site major overhaul is always thrilling for the protaganists: new look, new features, new refined goals, longer list of accomplishments, evolved perspective on ones' work and impact.

Lots of Good News for Spring

After a successful kidney transplant in November from my old friend and Hollyhock co-founder, Shivon Robinsong, I have returned healthier than ever to a plethora of activities at Renewal.

Growing the Hollyhock Foundation

I have just returned from the Board of Directors meeting of the Hollyhock Foundation on Cortes Island and I couldn't be more inspired. As the board chair of this unique organization I am excited about our future.

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