Joel Solomon featured in "50 Coffees" series on Vancouver is Awesome

On August 16, Vancouver Is Awesome reporter Bob Kronbauer interviewed Joel Solomon as part of Kronbauer's 50 Coffees series. Please read on to hear their conversation.

A Drive to Work with People Changing the World

It wasn’t as if the work Steve Rio was doing prior to founding his current design and communications agency was all that bad. In fact, his previous web company turned away large projects if it couldn’t ethically support the company’s objectives. But, a moral code or mandate was never ingrained in the company’s mission or communications, and it left Steve thirsting for more. In 2009, Steve attended Hollyhock’s Web of Change and Social Venture Institute (SVI) conferences, where he participated in a series of conversations that made him realize his work needed to be more meaningful. After SVI, Steve returned to Vancouver to start a new company called Briteweb with an overt mandate to work with companies changing the world.

Massive Opportunity Exists to Align Money with Meaning

'Love plus competence is the ultimate success formula,’ says Fearless Financier Joel Solomon

Working with Hollyhock

Article written by Camille Jensen, Axiom News. One of the first events I attended as a newcomer to Vancouver was Vert-ality, a once-a-year party for the sustainability movement. Entering the event I was handed a small booklet entitled “Hollyhock,” while overhearing fellow patrons strike up conversations about their most recent Hollyhock experience or upcoming course at the lifelong centre located on Cortes Island.

Spotlight on SVI alum and La Siembra CEO Jennifer Williams

A recent Axiom News article features SVI alum and La Siembra CEO Jennifer Williams.

Junxion Strategy blog features SVI Hollyhock

SVI Hollyhock was featured in a recent blog from Junxion Strategy.

5 Reasons to Register Now for SVI Hollyhock

The 17th annual Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock, September 12-16 is just two months away! If you are still on the fence about attending this September, here are five reasons why signing up NOW will give you a good reason to look forward to the end of summer:

Renewal investee Guayaki is in the news

The Guayaki Company, a RPC investee, was featured recently by several news outlets.

Activating a New Era for Social Change

At this year’s Social Change Institute, Jessy Tolkan shared an intriguing view of how the nonprofit sector can reframe the current political climate for social and environmental change — which many view to be far from collaborative — and come out stronger than ever.

Hip-Hop Artist Empowers African Youth to ‘Do What they Love’

At seven years of age, Emcee Flower opened up for international hip-hop artist Nneka when she performed in Uganda. The youngest female artist to ever open for an international star in the East African country raps in a style known as Luga Flow, using Native African languages, and has risen to fame for her talent of mixing critical thinking and advocacy around suffering children in Africa.
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