Article by Joel Solomon in Blue & Green Tomorrow

Joel Solomon recently published an article in Blue & Green Tomorrow. Please read on:

RADIUS seeks ventures, mentors, and entrepreneurs in residence

Our colleagues at Radius are now ready for promising turned on entrepreneurs, from anywhere, to apply for their powerhouse program. See is recruiting impact ventures.pdf" target="_blank">what's attached.

Article published in Blue&Green Tomorrow: Wisdom, Ingenuity, Morals, and Investing

I recently wrote an article about wisdom, ingenuity, morals and investing for Blue and Green Tomorrow.

The first investment I ever made was $25,000 in Stonyfield Farm, an organic dairy in New Hampshire. It was 1983 and I thought I was making a loan to a non-profit. Gary Hirshberg and his partner Samuel Kaymen had a few cows, and they wanted to make some yoghurt and help prove that family farms could and should still survive.

Article in Impact Driven on Joel Solomon speech at LOHAS Collaboratory

Joel Solomon recently spoke and at the LOHAS Collaboratory, and was featured in a follow-up article on Impact Driven.

Joel Solomon: The Missing Ingredient From Your Portfolio
David Laskarzewski, Impact Driven

Christopher Roy tells us why SVI is so wonderful, in five quick points

Christopher Roy of Marketworks Media, a five-year attendee of Social Venture Institute-Hollyhock, has written a great little piece covering only a few of the reasons you should attend SVI.

Five Reasons to Attend the Social Venture Institute

Great blog post by Kathy Murphy on the journey to Hollyhock

Check out this wonderful perspective on Hollyhock by a woman on a year long journey to the great consciousness centres of Canada and the USA:

Arianna Huffington's Speech On 'Redefining Success: The Third Metric'

Arianna Huffington has eloquently called forth the next generation of women leaders.

We need you all, the fellows as well, to step up in ways unique in human existence. Thanks to you for what you will do for the world.


Read more here on HuffPost.

SVI Women: Bringing Together Female Social Entrepreneurs

I recently had the opportunity to take part in SVI Women in Vancouver, an urban, female-focused version of Hollyhock’s long-running Social Venture Institute leadership conference.

SVI Women presents a unique opportunity for female social entrepreneurs to share their successes and challenges in a supportive environment.  Most importantly, it enables participants to meet potential mentors, business partners and friends.

New York Times publishes article about Slow Money conference in Boulder, Co.

The New York Times recently published an article about Slow Money's 2013 conference in Boulder Colorado. Please read on.


If you are the owner of a local Vancouver business, LOCO might be a fit for you. Read on for info:
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