Renewal has played a vital role in several large scale Innovative Initiatives over the years supporting, delivering and mobilizing a wide array of organizational talents and resources in partnership with other organizations. These are multi-stakeholder projects in keeping with our long-term vision, which benefit from professional and business skills as well as fierce dedication to mission and innovation to move forward.

BC Spaces and The Tatshenshini—Alsek Park

Endangered Spaces, a ten-year campaign led by World Wildlife Fund in the early 1990’s, had a goal to preserve 12% of all critical habitat in each of Canada’s provinces. BC Spaces was our provincial arm of the national campaign. Read More

Great Bear Rainforest

The largest and most significant example Renewal has helped to drive is the Great Bear Rainforest. Renewal, Endswell and many of our grantees and partners (including Tides Canada Foundation, Sage Centre and the Hollyhock Leadership Institute) have played critical roles in creating the circumstances, structuring the model, negotiating the agreement, and delivering funding for this globally significant model of conservation. Read More


With strategic support from Renewal, Hollyhock became a charitable foundation. The 45 partners decided to donate 100% of their ownership of the land, buildings and name to the new Hollyhock Foundation. This initiative was developed to enhance the long-term stability and growth of this venerable educational retreat centre. Read More

The Pivot Legal Society Building

The Pivot Legal Society Building was born when Endswell came together with two other private foundations and VanCity Community Credit Union, to purchase a 10,000 square foot building to house and provide a revenue stream for this important social justice law firm. Read More

Flack Block

The Flack Block initiative began when Endswell became a limited partner with the developer of the historic building to provide 30,000 square feet of LEED Certified office space for social entrepreneurs. Read More