The Great Bear Rainforest is an ecosystem of global importance and a vital, natural, cultural and economic resource for First Nations, coastal communities and British Columbia. Success here means protecting the ecological integrity of the land while respecting indigenous cultures and strengthening local economies.


Photo by Ken Beatty.

Renewal, Endswell and many of our grantees and partners, including Tides Canada Foundation, Tides Canada Initiatives and the Hollyhock Leadership Institute, have played critical roles in creating the circumstances, structuring the model, negotiating the agreement, and delivering funding for this globally significant model of conservation.

After over a decade of exceptionally hard work, an unprecedented and historical alliance among First Nations, government, coastal communities, environmental groups, industry and philanthropic organizations crafted a new model of conservation. This will both preserve the ecosystem and help develop a sustainable economic base to support the people within the region. This project is a model for the world of what conservation must become in the 21st century – an inherent part of economics, environments, and cultures.

Renewal provided senior staff and expertise on social finance and institutional structures. Through Endswell we supported, extensively, the capacity and collaboration development among the key environmental organizations. Carol Newell, via Endswell, was a lead donor for the Canadian portion of the $60 million private funding campaign to match the $60 million of public funds. Additionally, we offered facilities, staff support, accommodations, and our networks in support of the ongoing coalition building and negotiations.

Tides Canada has administered funding from the consortium of foundations that supported work in the Great Bear Rainforest and led the Canadian fundraising campaign.