Making Money Make Change 2008: Many Stories, Many Strategies

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Date & Time October 2, 2008, 4:00pm – October 5, 2008, 4:00pm
Location Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
Petaluma, CA
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Contact Sam Stegeman :: 413-369-6010

Do you have or expect to come into inherited wealth? Do you have earned wealth? Or are you the partner of someone with wealth? Want to work with others to create a more just and equitable society? Would you like to talk with peers about the opportunities and challenges of having wealth? Interested in strategic philanthropy, responsible consumption, and/or effective social change activism? Want to use your resources to transform society and promote innovative social change? If you answered yes, then The 2008 Making Money Make Change: Many Stories, Many Strategies (MMMC) conference is for you!

MMMC brings together young people with wealth, future wealth and class privilege for a four-day retreat every autumn. MMMC is a safe, confidential environment to talk freely about challenges and opportunities related to having financial wealth and class privilege. Participants have or expect to have wealth from a variety of sources and circumstances. Partners of people with wealth are also welcome. Through workshops, panels and discussions, participants inform, support, inspire and challenge each other. Programming covers a range of topics including the following:
 - personal stories of having wealth and privilege
 - technical knowledge about socially responsible investments and strategic philanthropy
 - resources for those working within family philanthropy
 - roles young people with wealth can play in movements working for social, environmental and economic justice

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