Case Studies are the core of the Social Venture Institute model and where some of the greatest learning happens.

In selecting case studies, we look for several key components: enterprises at various stages of growth, well-framed and defined problem statements, and opportunities to draw larger lessons for the whole group.

We ask you focus on one major strategic challenge that you are currently facing. For example:

  • Business Financing: Raising Equity and Debt Capital
  • Communicating Your Story: Overcoming Sales & Marketing Challenges
  • Managing Organizational Change/Growth: Human Resources and Management Transitions


In the Case Study sessions, the selected participants will briefly describe their situation and answer follow-up questions from a panel of expert. Respondents will then give their feedback and advice while drawing practical lessons for the larger group. The audience will also be asked to participate by sharing their feedback and ideas. We have found this to be a very powerful way for the entire group to gain a wealth of practical ideas about how to manage the challenges of running a socially responsible enterprise.

We will distribute the description of your enterprise and your strategic challenge to the participants, while all other relevant confidential material will be given to the respondents under an agreement of strict confidentiality.

How to Submit Your Case Study

Please submit your Case Study in the following format:

  1. Description of the Enterprise and the Strategic Challenge (no more than 500 words)
  2. Any other relevant materials:
  • Finance - historic financials, year-to-date budget with variance, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and business plan (if applicable)
  • Sales & Marketing - any current marketing materials, sales plans and projections, market research.
  • Managing Change - vision, mission, and current goals of the organization, organizational chart with number of employees, personal goals with regard to the business, areas in which you would like to improve your leadership skills, any information on your current strategic plan.

While you may not be able to provide all of the information requested, please note that the more thorough and honest your information, the more valuable the advice will be. The respondents put a lot of work into preparing for the sessions, so please submit relevant information that will help them learn about your organization and the challenges you face.

Please submit your case study material by Thursday, June 23rd, by email to

“The case study sessions create a safe place to be challenged on tough business issues by experienced people who respect what you're doing.  A truly unique and very valuable experience.”                                           -- Madeleine Shaw, Lunapads, Case Study presenter
 "Presenting a case study at SVI was one of the most challenging and rewarding events in my business career. The feedback was invaluable and had a massive impact on our franchise selection criteria as we grew from 3 to 16 locations. I highly recommend entrepreneurs apply to be a case study - it will change your business."
                                                         — Doug Burgoyne, CEO of Frogbox, 2010 Case Study Presenter

Past Case Study Presenters:

Edible Planet                                           Osmosis/Green Spa Network
Happy Planet                                           Public Outreach
Hollyhock Retreat Centre                          Salt Spring Coffee
Lunapads                                                SPUD
New Leaf Paper                                       StratCom
Nimble Company                                     S-Vox
Novex Couriers                                        Twice Shy/Hip Baby
Frogbox                                                   United We Can