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Play BIG is an intimate gathering that inspires and informs people with large capital reserves who seek to align their money more fully with their values.

2020 Play BIG Reunion—POSTPONED

Participants take time to consider a broader vision and mission for their work and their lives, while gaining access to experts in strategic philanthropy and investing. Play BIG’s model of interactive inquiry encourages innovative approaches to deploying capital through investment and philanthropy to affect positive social and environmental change.

Play BIG is designed for people with discretionary capital of $15 million or more. We welcome newcomers and Play BIG alumni to this unique gathering.

“Play BIG fulfilled my goal of gaining energy, intelligence and a roadmap for mobilizing my wealth and reordering my life to serve my spirit and mission.” — Past participant


With a desire to support the repurposing of great wealth to tackle issues at the root of systemic problems, Carol Newell invited Marian Moore to join her in launching Play BIG in 2004. Play BIG was inspired by an experiment—ten years in—which activated Carol’s entire portfolio, delivering millions of mission-driven dollars intended to stimulate a regional green-solutions presence and economy in British Columbia. Amazed by how much could be shifted with relatively little cross-sector and regionally focused capital, Carol stepped out of anonymity to share the story, hoping to provide encouragement and support for others to pursue their own paths to boldly activate wealth, and fuel great talent while doing so.

Over time she noticed how hard it can be to implement good intentions and that a map to navigate roadblocks and successes might help. From these experiences ReWeaving Wealth was born and first introduced at Play BIG in 2013. ReWeaving Wealth cards are a nimble process tool designed to help people discern, integrate and mobilize their decisions, creative thinking, and wealth activation.

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