Carol Newell inherited a substantial fortune over several years, culminating in the early 1990s. Believing she had "more than enough", she chose to dedicate the majority of her wealth to making the world a better place.

She found the focus for her intentions in British Columbia's mix of vast pristine wilderness and sophisticated urban meeting places for global influences. She has dedicated her career to nurturing broad-spectrum solutions to the ecological and social problems facing her home province.

Joel Solomon was groomed to enter his family concerns in large-scale real estate development and in politics. Early on, he recognized both the strengths and weaknesses of the business and political models in play. He committed his talent, experience and resources to creating new business models incorporating both community and planetary goals. He discovered BC's beauty and potential in the 1970's and embraced the opportunity to make it his permanent home and the focus of his work.

Carol and Joel met through a social network of individuals using wealth for the common good. They both recognized wealth as a responsibility and a rare and unique opportunity to create change. They shared a mutual desire to make their contributions as a part of a much larger global movement. They saw a shared long-term vision of social and environmental impact.

They created a partnership, assembled a team of advisors and staff and established the investment and philanthropic sisters, Renewal Partners and Endswell Foundation, with a 50-year strategy and a 500-year intention. Their initial focus was on British Columbia, on the challenges and promise of the region. Their aim is to shift the way capital is used: to move the culture of business from the dominance of the quarterly bottom line, to one in which the long-term future of the human and natural world is an integral part of financial success.

Since the early 1990s, Renewal has made hundreds of investments, grants and collaborations. All the tools of business are used and reshaped to support long-term sustainability. Prudent financial management works hand in hand to the large-scale activation of wealth to make long-term positive difference in a region. Through Play BIG gatherings and their many networks, Joel and Carol share their story with other wealth holders who take heart and inspiration from the successes of Renewal.

With a strong base in BC, built over its first eighteen years, Renewal enters the next chapter. We are joining the exceptional innovators across North America who are redesigning the economy, culture and public policy to meet the demands of the future.