In 2004 Play BIG was an audacious glimmer in Carol Newell’s eye.

Now Carol has addressed hundreds of people of significant wealth interested in the idea of making their capital work for positive change in the world. 

In addition to their many speaking appearances at conferences and fundraisers, Carol Newell and Marian Moore have hosted and collaborated with other organizations to bring together small groups interested in taking their philanthropy and investment in a new direction. 

Play BIG Gatherings

"A donation now will likely solve more than that same donation later’ because ‘societal ills generally increase at an exponentially greater rate than does return on capital.’”
- Rosenberg’s Rule - developed by Stanford University in a paper called A New Take on Tithing

Past Speakers

  • Sallie Calhoun, Globetrotter Foundation
  • Josh Mailman, Sirius Business 
  • Charly Kleissner, KL Felicitas Foundation
  • Annabelle White, Dragonfly Fund
  • Mitch and Freada Kapor, Level Playing Field Institute
  • Kristin Hull, President of Hull Family Foundation
  • Peter Buffett, Emmy Award-winning musician, has an acclaimed career that spans more than 28 years as a professional musician, composer, philanthropist and author.
  • Abigail Disney, Founder and the President of the Daphne Foundation and vice-chair of the board of Shamrock Holdings, Inc.
  • Kris Tompkins, Founder of Patagonia, and Director of Conservacion Patagonica, works to protect habitat by conserving whole ecosystems (2.2 million acres) in South America. 
  • Bill Young, Founder of Social Capital Partners, in Toronto, funds businesses employing the disadvantaged. 
  • Helen LaKelly Hunt, Founder of the Sister Fund, a private women’s fund dedicated to the social, political, economic and spiritual empowerment of women and girls 
  • Andy Rappaport, Founder and Principle of Skyline Public Works, blends venture capital with political philanthropy by investing in emerging political entrepreneurs who are re-inventing the progressive movement in the United States. 
  • Doris Buffett, Founder and Funder of The Sunshine Lady Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for women and children, and foster the growth of philanthropy, through education.