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One of Renewal Land Company’s goals is support neighbourhoods where conservation, sustainability and environmental protection are an integral part of everyday life. In addition to creating parks and forest conservation areas, we’ve adopted a number of strategies to encourage sustainable living...
• Residents are allocated a 0.75 ha area on their strata lot where they can build a home and outbuildings (e.g. woodsheds) and establish gardens. A minimum of 25% of the trees in this zone must be permanently protected.
• Only one residential dwelling is permitted on each residential lot.
• The total combined footprint of all built structures on each residential lot cannot exceed 5000 square feet.
• On the remaining 0.75 hectares of each strata lot, conservation and privacy are prioritized. Timber harvesting and other forms of development are restricted, and no structures can be built.
• The use of any herbicide, insecticide or pesticide is prohibited, as is the use of any materials which are persistent in the environment or break done into compounds which are persistent and damaging.
• A network of public trails encourages walking and cycling and reduces dependence on cars.
• No new roads can be built on the property.
• The property cannot be subdivided.
• A conservation covenant, held by The Land Conservancy of BC, will protect forests and ensure the impacts of residential use are minimized.
• Buyers are provided with information on sustainable living.
• A set of strata bylaws outline the rights and responsibilities of Siskin Lane Strata members. A official copy of these bylaws is now available here in Adobe PDF format.
For more detailed information on individual strata lots, click here.