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Joel Solomon
Joel serves as the volunteer President of Renewal Land Company. He is also the President of Renewal Partners and the Executive Director of the Endswell Foundation. Renewal Partners is a seed capital company that invests in businesses that share its belief that the natural world and societal well-being is as important as economic returns. The Endswell Foundation is British Columbia's largest private foundation focused on environmental issues.

Joel is also a founding member of the Social Venture Network, Business for Social Responsibility, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, the Tides Canada Foundation and the Sage Centre. He serves as a board member of a number of corporations (both for-profit and not-for-profit), various foundations and other charitable organizations and was recently appointed to the Vancouver Economic Development Commission.
For more information on Joel and his work visit:
Paul Richardson
Paul is counsel and senior associate at Renewal Partners.  In this position, Paul provides business advice and assistance to members of Renewal Partners existing investment portfolio and helps to review potential new relationships. Additionally, Paul provides extensive legal and business support to Renewal Partners two sister organizations - Renewal Land Company and the Endswell Foundation and he serves as the Project Director for the Coast Opportunities Foundation project at the Sage Centre.
Prior to joining Renewal Partners, Paul practiced law in Toronto for over ten years; first with one of Canada's largest law firms and then as a senior partner at an internationally recognized maritime law firm. He moved to Vancouver with his family in 2003 and worked with a leading First Nations law firm until he joined Renewal Partners in February 2004.
Martha Burton
Martha oversees finance and accounting for Renewal Land Company. Martha serves as the Vice President of Renewal Partners, where she is responsible for finance and special projects and oversees the management of all the investments in the Renewal Partners portfolio. Martha is also a Senior Advisor at the Endswell Foundation, the Sage Centre and the Tides Canada Foundation, providing guidance on structures, investment, and management systems for all three entities.