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There are a number of documents and publications (both legal and non-legal) that RLC has created over the past several years. Some are specific to the Siskin Lane conservation project while others relate to other RLC properties and projects. All of these documents can be found in the relevant sections of this website, however to make it easier for you to locate a document quickly they are also listed here and available for you to download a copy.
Siskin Lane Conservation Project Documents
Official Conservation covenant for the Siskin Lane strata property
Official Conservation Covenant for LOT A
Official Conservation Covenant for LOT B
Official Conservation Covenant for the new Regional Park
Official Strata Bylaws for the Siskin Lane strata property
Official Statutory Right of Way agreement and map for public trails on the Siskin Lane property
Summary of the land use zones on the Siskin Lane property
Hydrology Report Part I for Siskin Lane
Hydrology Report Part II for Siskin Lane
Baseline Report for the Siskin Lane property

Forest Land Stewardship Zoning Documents
Forest Land Stewardship Zoning Bylaw
Forest Land Stewardship Official Community Plan Policies

Maps and Photos
Legal maps for each of the Siskin Lane strata lots
Official coloured map of Siskin Lane strata.
Official text map and agreement of public trails on Siskin Lane.
Aerial photo of Siskin Lane and the surrounding area

Renewal Land Company Background Documents
Summary of Renewal Land Company's not-for-profit commitment and financial status

Gorge West Documents
Official conservation covenant for RLC's Gorge West property