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A brief introduction to water testing
RLC has completed the full Canadian Standards Drinking Water test for all of the drilled wells at Siskin Lane. This test assesses the levels for a wide range of minerals and bacteria, as well as physical properties and elements such as the Ph of the water.
The test includes both a Total Coliform count and Escherichia coli count. These are the bacteriological tests required under the 2004 Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Positive tests for these two items determine whether the water can be certified as "Potable". Some of the test results listed here show a high Total Coliform count for the first set of tests. As the well drilling process is not done in a sterile environment it is not unusual for the Total Coliform count to be high on the first test of a new well. Usually after flushing the well a second test will be fine. This is the case for a number of the wells in Siskin Lane. Although some wells required a second test to assess total coliform levels, all wells have had final testing done and have been issued Certificates of Potability, verifying that the Total Coliform count was low enough to meet the Canadian Drinking Water Standards.
Siskin Lane Water Testing Documents
Most of the lots at Siskin Lane have a drilled well to provide potable water. All of the wells have been tested to ensure they meet the standards set out in the Canadian Safe Drinking Water Guidelines. You can download the test results for each Lot by clicking on the appropriate link.
Each set of test results includes a Certificate of Potability, a Water Analysis Report and a Well Log (this contains information such as the well depth and ground materials).
Note: Strata Lot 1, Strata Lot 21 and Lot B do not have drilled wells. Buyers of these three lots will be responsible for their own water source. There are no test results for lot A or lot 16, just well logs for those.
Lot 1 .
Lot 2 water testing data.
Lot 3 water testing data.
Lot 4 water testing data.
Lot 5 water testing data.
Lot 6 water testing data.
Lot 7 water testing data.
Lot 8 water testing data.
Lot 9 water testing data.
Lot 10 water testing data.
Lot 11 water testing data.
Lot 12 water testing data.
Lot 13 water testing data.
Lot 14 water testing data.
Lot 15 water testing data.
Lot 16 well log.
Lot 17 water testing data.
Lot 18 water testing data.
Lot 19 water testing data.
Lot 20 water testing data.
Lot 21.
Lot 22 water testing data.
Lot A well log.
Lot B.
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